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About the project

Revision of the FIAF Cataloguing Rules

General Issues

Drafts under revision

Archive (revised drafts)

Moving Image Work and Variant

Drafts under revision

Archive (revised drafts)

Moving Image Manifestation

Drafts under revision

Archive (revised drafts)

Moving Image Item

Meeting documents

Beijing meeting (April 2012)

Whashington meeting (April 2011)

Oslo Meeting (April-May 2010)

Rome Meeting (April 2009)

Paris Meeting (April 2008)

Related projects

  • Moving Image Work-Level Records Task Force, a project of the CAPC (Cataloging Policy Committee) of the OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC), the Internet and AV Media Catalogers Network (U.S.A.): http://www.olacinc.org/drupal/?q=node/27
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