History of the project

In 2005 the FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission decided to undertake the revision of the FIAF Cataloguing Rules for Film Archives, which had not been updated since their first publication in 1991.

As a first step, it was decided to ask FIAF members to get current information on the use of the FIAF Rules and about their cataloguing methods. The results of this Survey on Cataloguing Practice were presented in 2006 during the CD Commission Meeting at the FIAF Sao Paulo Congress. The survey strongly confirmed the need of revising, mainly expressed by the European Archives (the 60% among the total number of responses). The results allowed also delineating a list of other specific needs that are considered as the starting point of the Revision Project.

The documents produced in 2006-2007 are: a draft of the new Table of Contents and a partial revision draft of the first area of the FIAF rules. This first trial was essentially based on the ISDB-NBN structure and philosophy adopted in 1991 for the FIAF rules.

The survey outlined as well that the most used cataloguing model consists of a general description of a title linked to the description of every referring unit of material. This implies that the revision should take in account the need to describe contextually both the work and the carrier. Starting from this concept and considering the needs expressed in the Survey, the Commission achieved the awareness that the bibliographical standard FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographical Records) developed by the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations, 1992-1995), could embody the ideal answer. This model was also adopted by the Committee for the revision of the AACR2 (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules), which were renamed RDA (=Resource Description and Access).
Since the RDA includes the description of the moving image documents, it was judged that this model could have been the right framework within which to develop the revision of the FIAF rules.

The state of the art of the situation was presented and discussed at the Commission Meeting during the 2008 FIAF Congress in Paris, when a full day was devoted to the project (see Meeting documents). The Commission Workshop as well was dedicated to the FIAF Rules Revision Project.

Three important decisions were made in this occasion:

  • the collaboration with the RDA Joint Steering Committee (reading and commenting the drafts as far as the description of the moving image documents is concerned);
  • the adoption of the RDA structure as reference for the revision of the FIAF rules, taking in account, at the same level, both the FRBR conceptual structure of the description of a document and the need to access it by the users;
  • The constitution of the Workgroup, on a voluntary base, devoted to the revision of the FIAF rules, with specific tasks.

See also: Scope of the project, The workgroup

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