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Needs identified through the survey

The Survey on Cataloguing Practice 2005-2006 expressed the following specific needs:

  • Expand and improve the physical description area, including the information about the physical conditions and the restoration procedures. It is also necessary to implement the description of the digital objects.
  • Improve the Copyright area.
  • Streamline and re-structure the Notes Area, which now is too extensive and contains too many heterogeneous kinds of information.
  • Adopt or suggest consistent criteria for the content description, especially for non-fiction film archives.
  • Introduce a Standard Number Area (i.e.. ISAN)
  • Introduce a Terms of Availability / Access Area (see ISBD, AACR2, ISO, IASA: these standard contain a unique area for Terms of Availability and Standard Number)

Implement and update the examples.

  • Since we are dealing with the archival moving image materials, it would be useful to develop an approach that considers the history of the item before and after the acquisition in the archive and the description of the fund to which it belongs, according with the archival standard rules (i.e. ISAD). This aspect is particularly important for the private moving image documents (i.e. home movies), but could be relevant also for other kinds of audiovisual documents, in order to delineate the establishment of a film archive collection.
  • From this same point of view, emphasize the links with the non-film documents associated with moving image items: papers, censorship visas, booklets, laboratory reports, archive notes, etc…

See also: Survey on Cataloguing Practice, Documents and papers

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