Scope of the project

The main goal is to state the position of the FIAF on film cataloguing practice, maintaining a constant relationship with the other standard rules and trying to make them as compatible as possible each others.

In general terms, the new / revised FIAF rules will have to be:

  • A corpus of contextualised suggestions, rather than a set of authoritative directions.
  • Accessible on the web.
  • Based on a consistent terminology.
  • Compliant with the existing structures of metadata (Dublin Core, MARC, CEN, etc..).

Its specificity is represented by the particular kind of documents to describe, the archival moving image materials, such they are defined in the FIAF Statute, art. 1: “By film is meant a recording of moving images, with or without accompanying sounds, registered on motion picture film, video-tape, video-disc, or on any other medium now known or to be invented”.

See also: The Workgroup, History of the project

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