Revision of the FIAF Cataloguing Rules

Table of Contents (Draft, May 2007)


  • History and Development of the FIAF Cataloging Rules
  • Relationship of FIAF Cataloging Rules to ISBD (NBM) and Principles of Library Cataloging
  • Relationship of the FIAF revised Cataloguing Rules to FRBR, ISAD and IASA
  • Concept of Edition (version/variation) in archival moving images documents
  • Choice of original release title in country of origin as main entry
  • Research and chief source of information
  • Choosing a form of name for added entries and providing subject access (see AF structure)
  • Copyright

0. Preliminary notes

0.1. Scope, purpose and use
0.2. Order of the elements of description
0.3. Punctuation
- Levels in detail of description (see IASA)
0.4. Sources of Information *
0.5. Language and script of the description
- Accents and other diacritical marks (see IASA)
0.7. Capitalization
0.8. Examples
0.9. Errors (=Inaccuracies)
- Abbreviations (see IASA)
- Alternatives and options (see IASA)


1. Title And Statement of Responsibility
2. Edition/Version/Variation Statement (full revision of the area)
3. Production, Distribution, etc.
4. Copyright Statement
5. Physical Description (implementation of the terms in collaboration with the TC, description of the physical conditions of an item, description of the accompanying material)
6. Series Area
7. Notes Area (including the content: detailed description, shotlisting, synopsis, subject headings)
8. Numbers (ISAN) And Terms Of Availability

  • Analytic And Multilevel Description (Collection Level Description / Archival History / Version relationship ?)
  • Structure of the entries (Authority Files: ISAAR and ….)


A. Examples (new examples)
B. Glossary (complete revision)
C. ISO Date Standard
D. Conversion Charts; Meters, Feet, Minutes
E. Abbreviations Used In The Text And Appendixes
F. Fiaf Archive Codes
G. Bibliography

See also: Documents and papers

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